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What is over-rated?

So now that I’ve started to review manga and anime for my friends website, I just started wondering more and more about the meaning of being over-rated.  I always figured something that was over-rated was that way because of insane amounts of  speculation and really good PR/Marketing.  I mean why else do many of my university peers queue up for almost 2 hours to get into a club that can barely accommodate 1,000 people and what’s more they then queue up for another hour or so just to get to the downstairs L.E.D room!  I’ll admit that the room is pretty cool and simulates some of the house party’s we only dream about; you know girls table dancing, constant flashing lights that trip you out when your drunk and absolutely no room to move but is it really worth wasting 3 hours of your life queueing for?  In the hours I could read a good portion of a novel, study one weeks worth of seminar work or even cook Coque au Vin.  The club in question is moving across the pond to open up in Brooklyn, so you know it’s successful but the other club in the area is good and at least 4 times the size of this one.  As I said, it’s speculation and it takes form in many different forms: the dotcom bubble, currency trading, stocks trading and it now presents itself in even the most menial tasks we do any given day.

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As I approach my 19th birthday, I have been considering more and more useless topics in life which for some reason have been taking my space in my mind.  This has come as a shock to me as just a few months ago I had offers to study at 4 universities in the UK (3 of which are consistently placed in the top 15) and now I am quietly waiting and shitting myself as I wait for august 19th praying that maybe I´ll be one of the few lucky people who get an answer between the 5th and the 11th of August.  But in all honesty what are the chances of something like that happening……….

Whenever I hear the phrase shit happens, in my mind I always automatically follow the saying with “mostly to me so don´t worry,” not because I have particularly been unlucky in my whole life, but because as a cynic and someone who has experienced some downturns in life at the most inconvenient of times I just feel like a good strategy to go by in life is to just lower your expectations so that you don´t have to be disjointedness a lot.

As un-cheerful as my first entry is, I just want to clarify a certain point on my advice given above; I´m awesome so I don´t go by this advice.  I feel this way because I have already suffered a fair amount of hardships in my life and was forced to grow up and therefore don´t need to lower my expectations to survive!  Of course I´m basing this on the theory that any person is expected to suffer during their whole life, but hey thats just me being slightly hopefull!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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